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Latest News

Due to restrictions, FROTH & FURY is shifted to the October long weekend.

No real details yet to this tragic news.

Adelaide band, THOSE LEFT BEHIND, have released a ball-tearing new single, '2020' (featuring KidCrusher) and have released a video to accompany it.

THE NEW DEAD Metalfest is back and it's huge, as you'd expect.

Powerwolf interview transcriptI spoke with Falk from POWERWOLF about the new album 'Call Of The Wild', keyboards, church organs, werewolf legends and religion.

Lord of the Lost interview transcriptI spoke to Pi from LORD OF THE LOST about the massive new double album, 'Judas', being released July 2nd. This album and band can't be categorized.

Latest Reviews

POWERWOLF deliver a killer follow-up to 'Sacrament Of Sin', with 'Call Of The Wild, an album chockers with festival anthems. Check it out, yo.

Melbourne rockers, DANGEROUS CURVES, smash it out past the breakers with 'Summertime Highs'.

38 minutes of intense Norwegian Black / Thrash Metal.

Okay, so this thing is huge, heeyuuuge. You know the story of Judas, but do you really?

If you're after sunsets and walks along the beach, go somewhere else. This is the graveyard at night, a cold, dark, foggy night at that.

Symphonic Metal from Bulgaria that doesn't sound like they're trying to sound like they're from Finland. Big win.

How does a HELLOWEEN album that has the whole Pumpkins United lineup sound? Well, pretty much exactly how you would expect it to sound.

Thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM knock it out of the park, and then burn down the park.

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