New interviews with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. Interviews coming soon from LIGHT THE TORCH, POWERWOLF (Germany) and WORMWOOD (Sweden)
New releases this Friday (18th) from HELLOWEEN, THY KINGDOM WILL BURN // Recent releases include – CRYPTA, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, RHAPSODY OF FIRE and BILLY GIBBONS
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Full line up for BLACKEN released - It's a biggie.

I spoke with Howard Jones of LIGHT THE TORCH, about the upcoming release of 'You Will Be The Death Of Me'.

Website stuff - Flotsam and JetsamI spoke with A.K. from FLOTSAM AND JETSAM about all the important stuff. You know, stuff like Ken Mary joining the band, recording the new album under no pressure, what would be different if they started out today, building gazebos while listening to Michael Bublè. Like I said, all the important stuff. And also the killer new album, 'Blood In The Water' of course.

Website format I spoke with Stevie D from BUCKCHERRY, about lockdown, songwriting, recording the new album in Nashville, shooting video clips in UFO country, you know stuff like that.
The new album is called 'Hellbound' and will be out June 25th.
Check it all out below.

Website format I spoke with Markus from HELLOWEEN about re-uniting with former band-mates, the Pumpkins United tour and the new self-titled album coming out shortly featuring these members.

Latest Reviews

If you're after sunsets and walks along the beach, go somewhere else. This is the graveyard at night, a cold, dark, foggy night at that.

Symphonic Metal from Bulgaria that doesn't sound like they're trying to sound like they're from Finland. Big win.

How does a HELLOWEEN album that has the whole Pumpkins United lineup sound? Well, pretty much exactly how you would expect it to sound.

Thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM knock it out of the park, and then burn down the park.

Third album for cult Italian prog-metal band is a winner.

The Danish thrash legends show how it's done.

Italy's FROZEN CROWN knock it out of the park with latest album, even if initially I didn't think so.

56 minutes of dark brutality that hits you hard at the start and doesn't let up.

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