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New releases this week from BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT // Recent releases include – THE VINTAGE CARAVAN and GIOTOPIA (epic fantasy project from Belgium)

I spoke to GEN and FOX from TEMTRIS about the line-up change, the recording of the new album, 'Ritual Warfare, due for release April 30, and the tour to promote the album. Always great to chat to them.

Tour changes.

There's been a couple of changes to tours. Read the full post for more details.

These guys are from Belgium, they play a riffy brand of thrash which I really dug. Some harsh vocals but mostly clean, …

I spoke with Justine Daaé from ELYOSE, about the latest EP, 'Persona' which came out late February. We also spoke about the change from band to solo project, and the hard work put in as an independent artist. Fascinating chat.

Welcome aboard the crazy train. Massive update to the site. I’ve ‘taken it elsewhere’, so time will tell if that was the right decision.  All the old content is still available. Click the ‘Time Machine’ tab at the top for that. Enjoy.