Review – BURNING WITCHES – ‘The Witch Of The North’.

This band of ladies has used lockdown wisely. A full studio album in 2020, and a full studio album by the end of May in 2021. Who else has done that? This is the band’s fourth album, the second album with Laura, (she seems to have settled in well), and the first album with Larissa on guitar (hitting the ground running). Overall this seems to me to be a ‘harder’ album than the last (‘Dance With The Devil’, which I did like). You would’ve seen the video for the tile track, as well as ‘Flight Of The Valkyries’ and ‘The Circle Of Five’, but dig deeper and you will be glad you did. Tracks like ‘Tainted Ritual’ keep the album moving nicely. ‘We Stand As One’ is a real ‘fists in the air’ anthem, sure to be a live favourite, ‘Nine Worlds’ rips along at a furious pace, and ‘Lady Of The Woods’ is my favourite track on the album. Be sure to get the version of the album with the bonus track, a killer rendition of Savatage’s classic, ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’, featuring Chris Caffery of Savatage on guitar. ‘Worth the price of admission’ if you know what I mean.

For fans of- Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, 80s style traditional Metal.

Release date – 28/05/21

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