Review – CARMERIA – ‘Advenae’

It’s good to have an album like this to listen to, knowing that it came from Australia. I keep waiting for a dud track, a filler, but nope, one ain’t coming. The album sounds European, giving a nod to some of the major players as they enter from the other side of the room (read ‘world’) and take over the barbeque, as Aussies do. All the important Symphonic Metal features are here, melodic and tuneful vocals (without just running through the scales), the lead guitar is tasteful, nothing too outrageous or out of place (another win), with a good guitar sound that has ‘just the right amount of dirty’. The keyboards add to the sound in an epic way, within overtaking or diluting the overall sound (very important in my book) with a solid rhythm section pinning it all down. Overall, a very pleasant ‘homegrown’ surprise packet of an album.

My feature tracks, ‘Carpe Noctem’, ‘Relinquished’, and Starfall’. ‘Eternity’ is the epic album closer, set some time aside for this one.

For fans of Kamelot, Epica and the like.

Released – 14/05/21

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