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Had a cool chat with Chris Themelco from Melbourne's ORPHEUS OMEGA, about lockdowns, member changes, and the upcoming tour with BE'LAKOR and ANDY GILLION. Fun times are ahead. Check it out.

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Photos of VANISHING POINT, finally getting to play in Adelaide to promote their album, 'Dead Elysium', supported by Adelaide bands, SHADOW REALM and SKYHAMMER.

I had a cool chat with Tom Englund from EVERGREY about writing new music constantly, not sleeping, not touring and accidentally leaving bandmates in another country, and of course the excellent new EVERGREY album, due out on the 20th.

Photos from Saturday at the ROCK ON MATTI gig at the Reynella Youth Centre.

I spoke with Chris from Melbourne's VANISHING POINT about finally getting out on the road again.

As usual, a magnificent day and night was had by all at NEW DEAD METALFEST XI.

Photos from a massive CHURCHES OF STEEL 5

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Swedish Melodic Power Metal at it's finest.

Australian alt-rock band have just released a ripper of a new album.

A new album from the German Masters. Get into it.

Travel at 88 m.p.h. and travel back in time with the latest NIGHT RANGER album.

Amazing trip back in time with WHITE CRONE. 70s era Heavy Rock with the amazing vocals of Lisa Mann. Check it out.

POWERWOLF deliver a killer follow-up to 'Sacrament Of Sin', with 'Call Of The Wild, an album chockers with festival anthems. Check it out, yo.

Melbourne rockers, DANGEROUS CURVES, smash it out past the breakers with 'Summertime Highs'.

38 minutes of intense Norwegian Black / Thrash Metal.

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