Review – HERMAN FRANK – ‘Two For A Lie’.

Back in 2014 I interviewed Schmier about the (then) upcoming debut PANZER album, and he said this of Herman Frank. ‘He’s a Heavy Metal Riff Machine. You put a coin in and a Heavy Metal riff comes out‘. He couldn’t believe how prolific Herman was at it. If you listen to this album you will see why he said that. Riff after riff after riff, I don’t know how he does it. Plenty of coins going in the Riff Machine obviously. The album kicks off at a frenetic pace with ‘Teutonic Order’, and continues on, almost mercilessly, hardly allowing you to catch breath. The highly charged tracks rattle off one after the other, ‘Venom’, ‘Hate’, ‘Eye Of The Storm’. ‘Liar’ is a bit of a slower one but doesn’t ease the fingers off the throat, before turning up the pace again, and smashing the way onwards with ‘Hail The New Kings’ ‘Just A Second To Lose’ and, well, you get the picture. The band he’s assembled is in top form, special mention to Kevin Kott on the drums for making it through to the other side \m/. This is riffy German Metal of the highest order.

For fans of – Accept, .. and all his previous work actually.

Release date – 21/05/21