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TEMTRIS interview. New album, ‘Ritual Warfare’, out April 30th.

I spoke to GEN and FOX from TEMTRIS about the line-up change, the recording of the new album, 'Ritual Warfare, due for release April 30, and the tour to promote the album. Always great to chat to them.
Tour Announcements

Tour changes.

There's been a couple of changes to tours. Read the full post for more details.
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PRIMAL CREATION to release 2nd album Friday 16th April, 2021.

These guys are from Belgium, they play a riffy brand of thrash which I really dug. Some harsh vocals but...
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ELYOSE interview. New EP, ‘Persona’, out now.

I spoke with Justine Daaé from ELYOSE, about the latest EP, 'Persona' which came out late February. We also spoke about the change from band to solo project, and the hard work put in as an independent artist. Fascinating chat.
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ORDEN OGAN interview online. New album, ‘Final Days’, out now.

I spoke with SEEB LEVERMANN from ORDEN OGAN about many things, including the many issues faced during the recording of the new album, 'Final Days'. A great chat with him, check it all out below.
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THE IRON MAIDENS tour postponed again.

THE IRON MAIDENS have now had to postpone their Australian tour again. Keep an eye on those overseas tours, I have a feeling a few more will be pushed back AGAIN. Also, if you hear something before me, please let me know. EDIT- dates rescheduled for Feb. 2022. Check gig guide.
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WHITE VOID interview online. New album out on March 12th, 2021.

I spoke with LARS NEDLAND of WHITE VOID (also of BORKNEGAR and SOLEFALD) about the WHITE VOID album being released March 12th. A great insight into the ideas behind this band and how lockdown sped things along while other things were on hold. Also, hear him tell a story relating to a 'Vodka sauna'.

SOUTH COAST RAW gig photos.

A gig 2 weekends in a row? Hang on, what? This time it was SOUTH COAST RAW at the Port Noarlunga Football Club.


Yay, we actually had a gig to go to, and we were allowed to stand. HIDDEN INTENT and SHATTER BRAIN launched their albums, supported by DEAD SUN. Photos linked below.
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OF MICE AND MEN interview online. ‘Timeless’ EP out 26th February 2021.

I spoke to AARON PAULEY from OF MICE AND MEN about playing bass and covering all vocal duties after the previous singer left and how it seemed the most organic solution, recording remotely and the move to SharpTone Records.
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RICKY WARWICK interview online. New solo album out now.

I spoke with RICKY WARWICK, of BLACK STAR RIDERS / THIN LIZZY / THE ALMIGHTY, about his excellent new solo album, 'When Life Was Hard And Fast'. As well as chatting about that, I also asked him about the call to join THIN LIZZY, the transition to BLACK STAR RIDERS, and the process behind my favourite BSR song. A fascinating chat.
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KORPIKLAANI interview online. New album out Friday 5th Feb.

I spoke once again to TUOMAS ROUNAKARI of Finnish band KORPIKLAANI about tours being cut short, empty calendars, isolation work, bodies buried in the swamp (not his doing), and the new KORPIKLAANI album, due out tomorrow (Friday 5th February). Always great to speak to him.
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EPICA interview online. New album, ‘Omega’, out Feb 26th.

I spoke with SIMONE SIMONS of EPICA, about life in general, juggling family life with being one of 2 recording/touring musicians in the household, '70,000 Tons Of Metal' / 'The Little Mermaid' memories and of the excellent upcoming EPICA album, 'Omega'. She was awesome to chat to.
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ACCEPT interview online. New album out soon.

I spoke once again to WOLF HOFFMANN of ACCEPT, this time regarding the killer new ACCEPT album, 'Too Mean To Die', which is due out next week. It's the first album since long time bassist Peter Baltes left the band. I spoke to Wolf about that as well. The band has 3 guitarists now. Why? Why not? Listen to him explain what the new members have brought to the band.
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Marko resigns from NIGHTWISH.

HUGE announcement regarding MARKO and NIGHTWISH.

Top albums for 2020

Let's face it, 2020 has been a pretty shit year in a lot of ways, but for new music, it's been pretty darned good. I listened to more new music this year than ever before I reckon. We all had a fair bit of spare time didn't we? Anyhow, this is my favourite albums for 2020. I may add to it, because I'm still getting through them. I even recently discovered at least 3 that would've made last year's list, had I heard them last year. Surprisingly, as with last year, I can't separate the first 3 for album of the year. To avoid a shit-fight (with myself) the first 3 are simply listed in the order in which I heard them. The rest are in no particular order, just as they came to mind. ​Cheers.
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MAJESTICA interview, New album, ‘A Christmas Carol’.

I spoke with TOMMY JOHANSSON of MAJESTICA about the new album, 'A Christmas Carol'. Fascinating chat finding out about all the work that went into this album. Enjoy Christmas again. Press release, videos, link to the album all contained below

UPON WINGS interview online. New music coming soon.

I spoke with ANNE AUTUMN ERICKSON of U.S. symphonic band, UPON WINGS, about a great many things, formation, recording even though the members are scattered, videos filmed in the snow, new music for the Holidays, and about the new EP which will be released early next year.
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SHATTERED HOURGLASS interview online. Debut album out December 8th.

I spoke with RAIDEN and CRAIG MACINTYRE from South Australian band, SHATTERED HOURGLASS about the band's debut album, 'Timekeeper', due out December 8th. This band will surprise you, they surprised me when I saw them earlier this year. It's not often you go to a gig, and the lead guitarist in a heavy band is 12 years old. Yeah, you read that right. To top it off, RAIDEN had a guitar sound like TONY IOMMI. Check it all out below, where you'll find the interview, press release and the link to the new single on YouTube.
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CADAVER interview online. New album out November 13th.

I spoke with DIRK VERBEUREN about the move from SOILWORK to MEGADETH and how he came to be involved with the rebirth of CADAVER. Great to chat with him as it always is. Check it all about below.
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