Review – CRYPTA – ‘Echoes Of The Soul’.

This one ‘landed on my desk’ recently and after a few listens I’m here to add my 2 cents. The debut album from all-female band CRYPTA, entitled ‘Echoes Of The Soul’ has just been released on Napalm Records. This is out there. Clear your mind, clear your room and whack this puppy on, you will be glad you did. The intro track, ‘Awakening’, lulls you into a false sense of security. You just know that something is coming, then… Holy Crap, there it is, ‘Starvation’ smashes you like a ton of bricks. The way this band riffs reminds me of the first time I heard POSSESSED back in 85/86 or thereabouts. Coincidentally I find out the next song is called, ‘Possessed’, haha, it’s like they read my mind.
If you’re after sunsets and walks along the beach, go somewhere else. This is the graveyard at night, a cold, dark, foggy night at that. This is an intense album, yet I still find a lot of groove in there, sure it’s pummelling you, but hey, it’s there none the less. The intensity doesn’t really let up either, the hits keep on coming. From the first full track, ‘Starvation’, to the last, ‘From The Ashes’, it’s foot to the floor the whole way. The band is tight and brutal, riffs are fast and razor sharp. Solos are frenetic but tasteful. Vocals are angry. Pounding bass and drums drives it all along. Check it out at your earliest convenience, but hey, be prepared. Tell someone where you’re going, and when you expect to be back.

Verdict – Horns up.

Fave tracks – ‘Starvation’, ‘Kali’, ‘Blood Stained Heritage’, ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, ‘From The Ashes’.

For fans of – Possessed, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Carcass.

Release date – OUT NOW.

Video for ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’ here.

Video for ‘Starvation’ here.