Review – LORD OF THE LOST – ‘Judas’

Okay, so this thing is huge, heeyuuuge.
It’s a double album based on Judas Iscariot exploring all sorts of possibilities. You know the story of Judas, but do you really?
This album and band are impossible to categorize really.
Almost like RAMMSTEIN merge with a band from waaaaaay down the other end of the spectrum, and did a take on a cross (see what I did there?) between ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and DEMON’s ‘The Plague’. This thing it out there, waaaaay out there.
It’s a double album. A FULL double album. CD 1 is labelled, ‘Damnation’, CD 2, ‘Salvation’. It’s a story, a BIG story. The music is great, the lyrics are great. There’s gems like –
‘Earn your words from the headstone engraver.
Not one more sanctimonious saviour.
Truth is all.
You’re the sinner veiled in the saint
Your star has led you astray’.

This album was planned anyway, but I don’t see how they would’ve been able to do it they way they have if it wasn’t for the time that lockdown gave them. A lot of effort has been put into this, and it shows. There is something on offer for everyone in here. This is an album that’s best listened to with headphones, to shut out the world. there’s a lot to take in.

Fave tracks ‘Priest’, ‘Viva Vendetta’, ‘And It Was Night’, ‘A War Within’

Final words – Modern Heavy music’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’. (That’s a big call I know)

Interview article here.

Release date – 2nd of July, 2021.

Video for ‘For They Know Not What They Do’ here.