Review – WHITE CRONE – ‘The Poisoner’

From the very start, you’re struck by the strength of this lady’s voice. It comes from within her very soul. She’s not a screamer or yeller, it’s a remarkably bluesy voice, part Ronnie James Dio, part David Byron, sounds like I’ve plucked 2 names out of the air doesn’t it? Give it a listen and judge for yourself.
The album has many nods to 70s heavy rock, Rainbow, Uriah Heep and the like. The title track, ‘The Dream Of Tiamut’ sets the tone for the album, before the rocking title track, ‘The Poisoner’ kicks thing along. The intro riff of ‘To The Abyss’ has you second guessing you’ve crossed over into a Candlemass listening party, before breaking away and doing it’s own thing. ‘Broken’ is a Rainbowish track which is probably my favourite track on the album. Next song is a cover, ‘The Seven Gates Of Hell’, yeah, it’s a Venom song. You’re thinking, ‘How the hell does that fit on here?’ With the treatment it’s given on here, it just does. Strange on paper, but hey… ‘New Planet Earth’ is another rocker which harkens back to yesteryear. ‘Interment’, the 5 and a half minute instrumental, may take you back even further, part Black Sabbath, part Uriah Heep. It slips seemslessly into the doomy, ‘Edge Of Gone’, which shows off Lisa’s voice to the full. ‘The last 2 tracks on the album, ‘Under Hag Stones’ and ’18 Rabbit’, round off the album in epic style. All that is left to do now is reflect on what you’ve heard, and wonder where it’s been hiding.

Verdict – amazing trip back in time, solid music, topped off in style with a fine voice.

Fave tracks – ‘Broken’, ‘Under Hag Stones’, ‘The Seven Gates Of Hell’

For fans of – Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath

Release date – OUT NOW.

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