EXODUS interview. New album, ‘Persona Non Grata’ out November 19th.

web stuffI spoke with Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza from EXODUS
about his Doc Martens melting in the heat of the Adelaide Soundwave
gig, getting Gary back from SLAYER, the likelihood of upcoming
setlist arguments, and the excellent new
album, ‘Persona Non Grata’, which is due out on the 19th of November,

BEAST IN BLACK interview. New album, ‘Dark Connection’ out October 29th, 2021.

I spoke with Anton Kabanen from BEAST IN BLACK about the excellent new album, ‘Dark Connection’, how they recorded it, what the plans are from here. We
discuss the amazing film clip for ‘Moonlight Rendezvous’ and how he can
put the guitar down and concentrate on the behind the scenes stuff.
Great chat as always.