Review – DANGEROUS CURVES – ‘Summertime Highs’.

Australian Hard and Heavy music is in such good shape at the moment. It seems every genre is well represented with quality albums this year. DANGEROUS CURVES are from Melbourne and play what you could easily mistake as being from the late 80s heyday of ‘Sunset Strip’ type bands, except done with a bit more class, and a bit of Aussie ‘attitude’.
Songs are 3-5 minute party type anthems. In your mind you will imagine them on MTV, indeed they would’ve been on ALL the time if we were back then now, instead of being here in 2021. They would’ve easily held their own as well.
The band is obviously well honed at their craft, the songs groove along nicely, sure to squeeze a smile from your face.
Vocals are delivered in just the right manner, with just the right sort of voice for this material. Harmonies are really well done. The rhythm section is tight, chugging along nicely. The standout for me is that the lead guitar is ON POINT, I repeat it is ON POINT, beautifully executed solos and fills, just enough sleaze, just enough gloss.
Overall this albums is a very satisfying listen, it hits the spot well. It not only sums up an era, but drives it forward.

Final word – This is excellent. Fill your glass and crank this mutha LOUD.

Fave tracks – ‘Good And The Bad’, ‘I Like It’, ‘Pieces Of Your Love’.

For fans of – Warrant, Cinderella, Poison, even Y & T.

Release date – OUT NOW.

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