Review – POWERWOLF – Call Of The Wild.

This is a band at the top of their game. This album sounds full of power and rocks along nicely. POWERWOLF draw from their usual repertoire of song topics, namely mythology,  werewolf/beast legends, and  religion. The upbeat songs just roll off, one after the other. ‘Beast of Gévaudan’, ‘Dancing With The Dead’, ‘Varcolac’. The slower tempo ‘Alive Or Undead’ sneaks in the middle and gives a real showcase for the powerful voice of vocalist ‘Attila Dorn’. This is sure to be a festival favourite. From there it’s back to the quicker, more fist in the air stuff that you would expect. Guitar work fits the album perfectly, rhythm section is tight, pinning it all down. The organ used sounds so cool because it’s an actual church organ, recorded in a real church. Seems to add that magic touch. After hearing this album, you will probably play it again straight away, I did.

Verdict – solid, fun album of festival anthems.

Fave tracks – ‘Beast of Gévaudan’, ‘Alive Or Undead’, ‘Undress To Confess’

For fans of – Sabaton, Helloween, HammerFall.

Release date – OUT NOW.

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